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Did you know?

  • That 62% of Canadian artists earn less than $20,000 per year?
  • That thousands of Canadians earn their living in the professional arts, and allied industries?
  • That the work of professional artists not only gives pleasure to millions, but also contributes in essential ways, both materially and spiritually, to the well-being of our society?
  • That because of the challenging economics of their profession, some of the most celebrated among artists face severely straitened circumstances in their senior years, lacking the resources and assets to sustain them as their abilities falter and their careers draw to a close?

Your donation helps us to fulfill our mission to “create caring communities and support programs, which allow senior members of Canada’s arts and entertainment industry to thrive.”

PAL Canada and its Chapters are registered charities. Donations made to the national organization, PAL Canada, or any of the individual PAL Chapters may be eligible to receive receipts for Income Tax purposes.

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