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What You Will Learn 

Through the leadership of highly regarded professionals in the world of script writing for film and theatre, the PAL Canada  "A Day On Set" masterclass, will provide participants with information about:


  • Managing the production
  • Role of the Production Manager
  • Role of the Assistant Director
  • The roles of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th assistant directors
  • All aspects of catering for film and television


David Manion - 1st Assistant Director

After taking a couple of film theory courses at University of Western Ontario in the early “80’s, David Manion decided to find work in the film & television industry in Toronto. He got a lucky break and through some hard work has managed to continue working to this day. He has been a First Assistant Director since 1992 and is currently on his 11th season of Murdoch Mysteries. He has a wife Heather, daughter Kate and a hound dog named Jackson.


Here is a short list of some of David's credits: Murdoch Mysteries, Schitts Creek, Little Mosque On The Prairie, Hudson and Rex, Killjoys, and many more. 

Jim Mauro - Production Manager/Producer

Jim Mauro is a producer/production manager with over 25 years experience and had recently completed work on the International Apple-TV Series, "Foundation". His production credits range from situation comedies, to high action stunt driven projects including, "Reacher", "Treadstone", "Schitts Creek", and Hedwig and the Angry Inch". With filming experience spanning four continents, Jim is well versed in all tiers of production and budget levels. He began his career as production assistant on a small Canadian feature and continued in the film industry working his way up to production manager and producer.   

Jim is a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre Producer Residence Program 2001, and is the only producer to successfully complete both the short film programme with the award winning "Evelyn The Cutest Evil dead Girl" and the feature film project with "19 Months" in the same year. 

An in demand producer/production manager, Jim has been Toronto based for much of his career, but in recent years he has been focused on international productions. 

David Mintz - Caterer

David is the quintessential hospitality expert. He excels in delivering consistently exceptional catering experiences and has been doing so for over 30 years. David prides himself on “sweating the small stuff”. He is supported by a team of passionate professionals, who have been with him for many years and who also embrace genuine hospitality as their core value.

David enjoys an active life outside of work. A perfect day to relax includes an early morning work-out, a game of golf, followed by a barbeque at the pool sharing delicious food and wine with family and friends.

David's list of credits in the film industry is vast. Here are just a few of his most significant credits: Spotlight, Designated Survivor, Goodwill Hunting, Exit Wounds, A History of Violence, Suits, Cinderella Man, Poltergeist and many more.