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PAL Canada’s Inter-Generational Arts & Entertainment Youth Masterclass Series

Through this inter-generational Masterclass experience for youth (14-30), especially Indigenous youth, PAL Canada is striving to promote volunteerism and mentorship opportunities among seniors. Throughout Behind the Scenes of 2022-23, we will work to increase engagement of seniors in our community through the mentoring of youth from coast-to-coast-to-coast in Canada, connecting talent nationwide in the process. This experience benefits the youth by providing an opportunity in a virtual classroom to learn from seasoned professionals within the arts and entertainment industry about great jobs and careers many have never heard of … yet! #KeepThatPassionAlive

Key Objectives

  • Youth gaining practical knowledge and career tips from experienced field experts
  • Provide a mentorship role to Canadian youth seeking great jobs in Canadian arts & entertainment, by showcasing behind the scenes careers, which few know
  • Seniors building self-esteem, by sharing their knowledge and expertise with another generation, providing an inter-generational experience for both
  • Partners gain inter-generational recognition and branding visibility, associated with learning
  • Youth provided with a creative bridge to PAL Canada
  • Assist PAL’s seven Chapters to gain more recognition through the PAL brand
  • Nourish PAL Canada’s “succession planning” to bring youth into the organization  
  • Fun, interactive and edifying for all




Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe!

Saturday, May 20th @ 1:00pm EDT

Funding for this Masterclass Series is supported by the

Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Project

Masterclass Bundles for Good Jobs Behind the Scenes

There are many lucrative careers in the arts & entertainment industry. Field experts will enlighten youth about some relatively unknown, but great jobs, on many of these topics:

Underlined Fuschia coloured titles indicate completed masterclasses.

Green coloured titles indicate yet to be conducted masterclasses.

ALL ABOUT THE SCRIPT | Writer, show-runner (TV), script supervisor           

A DAY ON SET | Production manager, A.D.’s, transport, craft service +

ART OF SOUND | Musical director, sound mixer, boom operator, music librarian +

BACKSTAGE IN STRATFORD | Prop design, set design

CALL MY AGENT | Agent, manager, publicist & personal assistant

 CASTING | Casting director, casting associates, stunt coordinator

HAIR, MAKE-UP & WARDROBE | Hair, make-up, costume, wardrobe designers - May 20th, 2023 @ 1pm EDT

LAW & ORDER | Entertainment law, copyright law, insurance

LIGHTS! CAMERA! | Lighting, Gaffer, DP, camera operator, photographer

LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! | Location managers, location scouts

 PROMOTE IT | Publicity, media relations, social media, branding +

 SETTING THE STAGE | Production designer, art director, carpenter, set decorator +

 SFX-VFX | Special Effects: SFX coordinator, VFX supervisor, VFX editor

 THE BOTTOM LINE | Accountant, managing director, finance manager