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PAL Canada Supporting Cast is inviting you to participate in our new Game Days activity, "Book Pals". 

Over the past 15 months or so, many digital book clubs have sprouted up across the globe, allowing people to interact with their favourite authors, discuss thorny moral questions or just see other human faces. For the past several months, PAL Canada has been working to bring members together from across the country to participate in various online activities via Zoom. 

On Wednesday, September 8, at 7:30pm EST, we will host a gathering to introduce our own book club, and have an informal discussion on how we plan to execute this new program and learn about: 

How you came to love books

Your favourites 

What types of books you usually read

What you hope to get out of the book club

Which will be our first pick 

Our proposal of hosting monthly book club meetings on the last Monday of each month, possibly beginning as early as Monday, September 27, 2021.

Please invite and share this invitation with your PAL and senior friends and join us for Game Days returning on Tuesday, September 7, at 7:30PM EST. We will be playing "Name That Musical".