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Pal Canada Supporting Cast is recruiting volunteers to create a nationwide phone support service. This project is modelled on the British National Health Service programme of the same name.

As a Volunteer Friendly Phone Visitor working as a member of our team, with training and backup, you can provide direct assistance to our friends and colleagues with friendly check- up calls.

As a Check IN and Chat Volunteer, you’ll be providing simple yet vital phone support to individuals who may be at heightened risk of loneliness. It’s a role of particular importance particularly at this time, while many people remain cautious about COVID-19 and stay at home.

PAL is committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes applications from racialized persons / persons of colour, women, Indigenous / Aboriginal People of North America, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ persons, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.

You will support a diverse range of individuals in diverse communities. It is important that you demonstrate values that include respect, listening, compassion, equity, cultural humility and decency. We ask that you respect every individual’s beliefs and that no one is treated less favourably or excluded in anyway.

What does a Check In and Chat Volunteer do?

  • It can be tough going for those who need to self-isolate or limit contact with others, during these times. When isolating, it can sometimes have an impact on confidence, self-esteem and loneliness.
  • Providing a way for individuals to talk to someone else is therefore very important, while they remain at home.
  • By calling and chatting, you’ll be providing:
  • Companionship to those who may be isolated from contact with others
  • Support and information on resources that may be of help to them
  • A way of checking on their well-being and to ensure they’re happy.
  • A listening ear for those who want to open up and share their experiences and feelings

Who might request the Check In and Chat Volunteer service?

  • Calls may be requested on a one-off basis, or as a regular check in, for individuals who:
  • Have been advised to self- isolate by a health professional.
  • Are vulnerable for another reason, (for instance, due to disability, aged over 70, have a long-term condition such as Parkinson's or epilepsy, or are vulnerable due to a mental health condition).
  • Is someone with caring responsibilities.
  • Is self-isolating because they’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have symptoms, or they’ve been in contact with someone who has.
  • Has been instructed to self-isolate by Public Health service, because they’ve been near someone infected.
  • Is self-isolating ahead of planned hospital care.
  • Has been instructed to self-isolate following entry into the country.