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 Your Host for our Happiness Hour: Theresa Puskar

Theresa Puskar is a highly skilled transformation leader, author and edu-tainer. Along with having  several years of experience as a keynote speaker and corporate trainer, she has written over 50 motivational books and study guides, and has published seven children’s books. As an accomplished television and stage actress, she most recently toured her 5-star critically acclaimed solo stage production, Causeless Joy throughout the US and Canada.

Her most recent books, 8 Ways to De-Clutter Your Brain and The Good Morning Mind: 9 Essential Mindfulness Habits for the Workplace, support individuals and businesses alike in integrating joy, conscious communication, inner integrity and mindfulness into their daily practices. In her capacity as a writer, audio producer and the former Director of the Coaching Programs at leading motivational book publisher, Nightingale-Conant, she co-created over 80 programs for many New York Times best-selling authors.

The founder of Edu-Tainment Productions, as an outstanding and versatile entertainer, Theresa deeply moves audiences in each and every realm of communicating that she does.


Whether providing corporate training to Fortune 500 companies, empowering through motivational speaking, serving as a television/radio host, or performing her solo show, she weaves profound and often hilarious storytelling into all that she does. Known for her authenticity and unique ability to stir the hearts and minds of those with whom she engages, her refreshing and heartfelt "tell it like it is" approach to edu-taining supports greater health, abundance and a deep sense of causeless joy among her audiences.