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Through the leadership of highly regarded professionals in the world of filmography and lighting for film and theatre, the PAL Canada  "Lights! Camera!" masterclass, will provide participants with information about the fascinating job of being a Director of Photography, a Camera Operator or a Gaffer:


  • What a Director of Photography does
  • What a Camera Operator does
  • What a Gaffer does
  • What a Stills Photographer does
  • How does one become a DP, Camera Operator, Gaffer or Stills Photographer
  • Where can one learn these skills

Onno Weeda

Onno Weeda has been in the industry for close to 30 years. Starting his career as a lighting technician it gave him a wealth of knowledge about the craft of lighting.

Having worked in the lighting department for several years on various genres from
commercials, music videos to features he transitioned to work in the camera department.

After being a focus puller he made the commitment to becoming a cameraman. Spending several years working on lifestyle television he made the transition to narrative TV. Lifestyle TV taught him to be quick and light on his feet. Think about the story that is being told and how
the final edit will look like.

While operating on narrative tv series productions he kept his sights on being a cinematographer. Actively working as a cinematographer he enjoys what each project brings each one has it's own challenges.

Every genre and job aspect has give him great insight into visual story telling.


Peter Stranks

Peter Stranks has been a Toronto based photographer for over thirty five years. A Ryerson University graduate, his assignments have taken him throughout North America and as far away as Morocco.

Stranks has worked on national advertising campaigns, magazine covers, and editorial features, working most recently on advertising for the film industry with celebrities like Steve Martin, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Eugene Levy, Harvey Keitel, David Thewlis, Marcia Gay Hardin, Andie MacDowell, Julia Stiles, and Gina Rodriguez.

In 2008, he completed a highly successful one man show at OMAH, where one of his pieces was acquired for the permanent collection. He revisited the gallery in 2017, and again in 2019, when one of his pieces was selected for inclusion in the prestigious annual Franklin Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition. In 2017 he was awarded the Community Photography Award by Applied Arts Magazine, and his image was used for the cover.

In 2009, Stranks accepted a full time position as professor at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario where he brought innovative and creative techniques in lighting and self-expression to a whole new generation of shooters.

The excitement and joy of being a photographer has brought Stranks back to his true love, and in 2018 he left teaching to devote his energies to shooting full time, shooting for various new productions for Netflix, Crave, National Geographic, Amazon Prime, and CBS.

Stranks is also writing a book titled, Photography, Creativity, and the Bag We Drag Behind Us, but finally acknowledges that writing is really, really hard.


Ramesh Yogendran

Ramesh Yogendran started as a lighting technician  volunteer in Rogers cable in 1991. In 1996 he attended Ryerson for film studies, which was a three years diploma course. In 1998 he began work at the CBC through whoch he beacme member of the Nabet 700, a local union for film and television. In 2018 he became a member of IATSE, Local 873. 

Credits include: Surrealestate 2, Son of a Critch S2, My Old Ass, Son of a Critch, Forgive US Our Tresspasses, The Desperate Hour, Zeus S1, Shade Promo, Awake, Ransom and more.