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Through the leadership of highly regarded professionals in the world of locations scouting and management for film and theatre, the PAL Canada  "Location! Location! Location!" masterclass, will provide participants with information about the fascinating job of being a locations scout or manager:


  • What a locations scout does
  • What a locations manager does
  • Being a locations about and manager
  • How does one become a locations scout or manager
  • Where can one learn these skills
  • Decision making regarding locations

John Rakich

John Rakich has been working for over 20 years as a Location Scout and Location Manager with numerous credits spanning feature film and television projects (such as SEE, Hemlock Grove and Shadowhunters).

John is also a long-time member of the Directors Guild of Canada in the Ontario District Council, now as board member and their current Locations Caucus Representative. He is also the current President of the Location Managers Guild International.

A frequent speaker at college campuses, international industry symposiums and a contributor of articles about production sustainability, labour workforce development, education and training and the economic benefits of location-based filming worldwide, he's also a regular panelist at San Diego Comic Con speaking about locations and location scouting.

View more of John's many credits on his IMDb profile HERE

Aine Furey

Veteran Location Manager Aine Furey received the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Location Managers Guild International(LMGI) at the 8th Annual LMGI Awards “Celebrate the Where.” With a career spanning almost four decades and over 400 hours of screen time, Aine Furey can easily be called a pioneer who was instrumental in establishing Ontario as an attractive production environment for film and television production. The LMGI Awards will be held on Saturday, October 23, at 2:00 p.m. PT, presented via a digital ceremony on YouTube. The announcement was made today by LMGI Awards Chair John Rakich.

“Aine was a mainstay in local production from its early days of small local productions to the thriving global production center Ontario is today. The Location Managers Guild International is proud to have Aine Furey accept our Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Furey’s many credits include Canadian Bacon, Relic Hunter, Lost Girl, Mutant X, The Littlest Hobo, Night Heat and Due South. She helped established a path for location professionalism in not just establishing industry practices and standards but in the legacy of dozens of careers she trained and mentored. Even now in her retirement, she still does the occasional bit of location scouting for productions in need and is always helping the local film commissions in creating image packages.

Aine grew up in Dublin at a time before television existed in Ireland so going to “the films” was a big deal and it became a lifelong fascination. Her family moved to Los Angeles in 1959 where her first step into “showbiz” was working at the Mission Playhouse while in high school. After graduation, she returned to London and began to get work as an actress. That came to an abrupt end when she was injured in a car accident, which led to her lifelong career in location work.

View more of Aine's credits on her IMDb profile HERE


Chris Moulson

Chris Moulson has worked in the film industry for the past 25 or so years. His role as a locations manager is extensive managing anything from, TV series, TV movies, feature films and documentaries. Based in Toronto, he is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada. 

Some of his feature film credits include: I, Robot (2004), Suicide Squad (2016), Total Recall (2012), Robo Cop (2014), Ready or Not (2019). TV series credits include: Pretty Hard Cases (2022), Good Witch (2021), Workin' Moms (2017-2018), Suits (2012-2015) and more.

Check out Chris' IMDb profile HERE 


Jason Nolan

The Work of a Location Manager is described as being many things: fluid, organic, intuitive, intense, grueling, exciting, dynamic and ever changing. Location managers must be a “jack of all trades”, performing such divergent tasks as scouting and securing locations, managing a budget and interfacing with the public. They must have both creativity and logical thinking, as they play the roles of manager of a creative team, lobbyist and ambassador between the production and the public.

Established in 1997, Location Scouting and Management in Feature films, Television, Commercials & Stills. Specializing in Rural Alberta, Remote locations of Western Canada and the Rocky Mountains. Recent Film and Television credits include, How it Ends, Hold the DarkTogo, Travel AlbertaGhostbusters: Afterlife, Prey & HBO's The Last of Us.

Member of the Location Managers Guild InternationalThe Directors Guild of Canada & The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

For select credits visit Jason's IMDb HERE

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