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HELD ON: Saturday, November 5th, 2022


Through the leadership of highly regarded professionals in the world of script writing for film and theatre, the PAL Canada  "All About the Script" masterclass, will provide participants with information about:


  • Being a writer
  • Being a script writer
  • Being a script and continuity supervisor
  • How does one become a professional in any of these specialized carfts
  • Where can one learn these skills
  • Decision making regarding scripts


Chris Fisher is currently the Co-Executive Producer/Director for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount +). In addition to Executive Producing, he also directed the season one finale and season two premiere. An exciting aspect of launching this latest Star Trek series is being the first to use virtual production from inception.

Since directing his first episode of television in 2007 (Cold Case), Chris has now directed over sixty episodes for streaming, cable, and network including Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, The Stand, The Magicians, Person of Interest, Warehouse 13, Runaways, The Bridge, etc. Focusing on the most challenging and important episodes, he has directed three series finales, ten season premieres, and eleven season finales. Chris has also directed two of the top fifty television episodes of all time, Person Of Interest ‘Return 0’ and ‘If-Then-Else’, as rated by IMDB.

After starting in the mail room at the William Morris Training program, his filmmaking career began with two independent feature films selected for the Sundance Film Festival, Taboo (2002), and Nightstalker (2003). Chris would go on to make five more genre films from 2004 – 2011, including Meeting Evil, Dirty, and Street Kings Motor City. He has directed multiple Oscar winners include Jennifer Lawrence, Whoopi Goldberg, Marlee Matlin, Greg Kinnear, and Cuba Gooding Jr., as well as stars such as Sam Jackson, Ray Liotta, Alexander Skarsgard, James Marsden, Taraji Henson, Clifton Collins Jr., etc.

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Jeannine Dupuy (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Designated Survivor, The Christmas Chronicles and more ) is a script and continuity supervisor with over 25 years experience working in film and television. Originally from Toronto, Canada; Dupuy now works internationally on projects across all genres.

Dupuy’s passion for continuity is invigorated by the creative problem solving and dealing with the ongoing challenges that arise while working on a film set. She particularly enjoys how the position of script continuity encompasses all aspects of filmmaking. As an avid practitioner of meditation, Dupuy encourages a holistic and facilitating environment which she partially attributes to her success.

Jeannine serves as the chairperson for IATSE 873 Script Supervisor's Committee. 



June Cupido.Creative Director, Story Weaver/Coach. After spending 36 inspiring years in post-secondary education developing leadership programs to help students find a sense of purpose and social direction, June's focus now is to continue to create provocative theatre experiences that guide the integration, acceptance, and compassion for others through increased understanding of what another has experienced or is experiencing. Truth and Illusion follows a series of monologue workshops June has presented in Ontario.

Truth and Illusion is a soul-searching exercise as it takes an intense creative process for someone to come up with a heartfelt monologue. Performers dig deep, the complete process of crafting the narrative response is "Deep, Dark, and Delicious". As each performer processes their world inside, they can discover enlightenment. This method is inspired by the three main stages of the "Hero’s Journey", a narrative pattern identified by Joseph Campbell, world-celebrated mythologist. The teachings of Joseph Campbell serve as the inspiration for the production. He asserts that storytelling and myths relate to our search for truth, meaning, and significance. According to Campbell, we all need to tell our personal story and, most importantly, to understand our story. He encourages us to view parts of our lives as heroic journeys – to find out what excites us and make that the basis of our quest. We invite you to accompany the performers on their journey.

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