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PAL Canada Foundation® is the national umbrella organization, linking the seven PAL Chapters in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Stratford, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Vancouver.

For information about any of our seven chapters, please click on the city of your choice and click on the link and you'll be directed to the website of the chapter you have selected.

How to determine if your area needs a PAL chapter:

• You live in a growing community of professional and performing artists (and individuals from allied industries) who are aging or disabled.

• Your community requires support in the form of Supporting Cast, and/or

• Your community requires support in the form of affordable housing. If you believe that your area needs a PAL chapter, please contact PAL Canada at: info@palcanada.org. Let us help you get started.



Membership in PAL implies a commitment to PAL’s mandate, which is to provide assistance to senior and disadvantaged members and associates of Canada's professional arts community, especially in the area of affordable housing.

Each Chapter is autonomous and is represented on the Board of PAL Canada®.

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