PAL Canada Foundation


Supporting performers nationwide.

Welcome to PAL Canada’s Programs, where we cater to the unique and vital needs of elders who have dedicated their lives to the performing arts and entertainment industry. Whether you’ve graced the stage, shone on camera, toiled behind the scenes, or contributed in various roles within theater, film, television, radio, music, dance, opera, or circus, we are here for you. Our diverse range of initiatives, administered through our Toronto office in collaboration with our seven chapters nationwide, empowers individuals across the country to make positive life changes. From our inter-generational Masterclass fostering volunteerism and mentorship among seniors, to combating isolation through “ZOOM Game Days,” PAL Canada stands by our elder artists and disadvantaged members, ensuring no one feels alone in their journey. Join us for an hour of inspiration and camaraderie as we unite talents and stories from across Canada via Zoom. At PAL Canada, we’re dedicated to supporting our artistic community, making life richer for everyone.