PAL Canada Foundation

Supporting Cast Outreach

Providing support to spread kindness

PAL Canada extends a compassionate hand to senior or disadvantaged artists experiencing isolation, recognizing the challenges inherent in their artistic journeys. Whether you’re a professional in various creative fields, from singing and acting to painting and writing, we understand the profound impact of both the joys and burdens that come with your vocation. If you or someone you know within our arts community is struggling, PAL Canada is here to assist. Whether it’s completing household chores, arranging transportation to medical appointments, attending local arts events, or simply seeking a friendly conversation, our goal is to provide support and encouragement. Reach out to PAL Canada, and let us be a source of help, connection, and kindness for senior artists facing challenges.

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    Do you know an arts professional who is: 

    • In poor physical and/or mental health?
    • Living alone, without family or friends?
    • Living in a condition of neglect?

    Does your concern relate to his or her physical health, mental health, home safety, isolation, or lack of support?

    If yes, you should:

    • Express your concern to the person.
    • Record the person’s coordinates: name, address, phone number, and (where applicable) e-mail address.
    • Find out if there are family members, a doctor, or a service that is already involved with the person.

    Take Action:

    • If the person is an immediate danger to him or herself, or to others, call 911.
    • Call the family member, the doctor, or the service that is already involved.
    • Call your local Public Health Information Line.